How to Lose Weight All Throughout The Day

Attempting to lose any weight can feel like an impossible task, especially at first or when you hit that dreaded brick wall where your weight plateau’s. Breaking a larger process down into small pieces can make it so much easier! There is a doctor proven and easy process that can help you lose weight and direct you to a healthier future.

 7AM – Drink two glasses of water immediately upon waking up which will increase metabolism by approximately 25%. Then do a quick 30-minute workout session. Studies have shown people who do some sort of exercise BEFORE BREAKFAST lose more stored fat than a person who doesn’t. Also consider taking a supplement like


Plexus Accelerator+™

which will helps boost the body’s metabolic rate and burn fat more efficiently throughout the day.

9AM – Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast that will make you full or drink your morning


P96 Chocolate or Vanilla shake

11AM – Eat a midmorning snack that is around 200 calories or less.
1PM – Have a lunch that is higher in fruits and vegetables than meat, and pair it with a green tea. If you can go full vegetarian for lunch, that’s even better. Then get up and move. Research shows that people who do small exercises throughout the day are less likely to experience food cravings, suffer from fatigue, and can maintain a better mood.
3PM – Grab a low-calorie snack and take a moment to move and do a light exercise.

6PM – Enjoy a healthy meal with low-fat proteins and veggies. Consider fish, turkey, pork, grilled shrimp, baked chicken, and the like. This should keep you full and content until morning. After a meal the carbs you consumed are broken down into glucose. Extra glucose is stored as fat. After the meal take a 20-minute walk to accelerate digestion and reduce the chance of fat storage. If you are truly hankering to grab that box of chocolate or potato chips, you might want to take


Plexus Boost™

which is a traditional and effective way to suppress hunger; it is a proprietary blend of botanicals and super foods like Caralluma Fimbriata.

8PM – Prepare your meals for the next day so you don’t waiver, and remember to get a good night’s rest.

For more information on Plexus products or replacing a meal with P96 please feel free to visit my website at

​​ . Healthy weight management is hard so having a Plexus Ambassador by your side can help you keep the promises you’ve made to yourself and live the healthy active life you deserve.



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